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5ft 1.5m Led Cherry Blossom Tree 150 Lights Outdoor / Indoor Christmas


1.5M 5FT Pre-Lit LED Cherry Blossom Trees with 150 Super-bright LED Lights. Outdoor or Indoor use. With 150 super-bright LEDs these stylish, modern blossom trees are fast becoming a must-have for customers in need of a unique Christmas decoration. Perfect as a contemporary alternative (or addition) to more traditional Christmas trees. Suitable for outside use […]

6′ Cherry Blossom Tree LED Lights Indoor Outdoor Decor Patio Yard Holiday Decor


Blossom Tree LED Lights Indoor Outdoor Decor Patio Yard 72 Cherry Holiday Xmas. This Lightshare pre-lit tree come with 6.5 ft. And it is decorated with 208 LED lights. The is 6.5 ft. After fully assembled so we typically call it 6-Feet cherry blossom tree. Each light covered with blossom flower, it construct the lighting […]

5ft LED Cherry Blossom Tree Outdoor Wedding Garden Holiday Light Decor 480 LEDs


All is new and just manufactured by us! The Composition of This Tree Model. 1pcs Main Bent Tree Trunk and Base. 5pcs Branches and Each Branch has 8pcs Sub-branches. Accessory Package: 1pcs Wrench for LED Tree Installation, 1pcs Insulation Tape, 1pcs User Manual and Some Additional Large Cherry Blossom Flowers. Direct alternative to the ordinary […]