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Bucilla CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTED TABLETOP Felt 3-D Advent Calendar Kit Sterilized


You decide which is best. LED is much brighter and shows off tree better. Bucilla’s “Lighted Christmas Tree Advent Calendar” felt home decor kit is a gorgeous lighted Advent calendar that displays different toys, treats, animals and other representatives for the holiday season. This would be a very unusual and very attractive 3-D Christmas Advent […]

The Thomas Kinkade Village Candlelit Tabletop LED Lights Christmas Tree


This is the tabletop candlelit Christmas tree featuring the artistry of Thomas Kinkade that plays a medley of eight Christmas carols. The candles flicker realistically with the light generated by tiny LEDs, sending a festive glow across its red and green ornaments and the winter tableau at the base while carols such as Jingle Bells […]

Disney 50 Character Tabletop Christmas Tree Carousel Musical Light Motion Train


Disney 50 Character Tabletop Christmas Tree Carousel Musical Light Motion Train. From Mickey and Minnie to Pooh and Tigger, Disney’s beloved characters have given us countless gifts over the years – moments of love, laughter and imagination. Now this spectacular tabletop Disney Christmas decor brings together Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White and more […]